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We are two brothers who believe in making the highest quality products for our customers. We come from a family of hard working folks, led by our dad Joe Wilson. He taught us hard work and honesty is the only way to do business. Our dad introduced us to gold prospecting at a very young age and we never looked back. Prospecting has been a passion of ours for many years, and through the failures and successes of it, our passion is even stronger still.

We have spent years in the field perfecting our products to ensure we have the highest gold recovery rates possible. We have started Wilson Brothers Prospecting LLC. out of pure demand from fellow prospectors like yourself. Every time we entered a creek with others around we were sure to make a splash, moving tons of dirt and working less than everyone else around us. Our goal is to provide great products to prospectors and above all offer inexpensive products to take the family out and make new memories.

Get out there and get that gold!!!

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